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How to Manage Anxiety and Isolation during Quarantine

Quarantines are very normal in the practice of medicine, especially when dealing with infectious and highly contagious diseases. However, at no point in the history of the world have we seen massive nationwide quarantines like the ones we are witnessing today.

As the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus, many governments at the federal and state level are issuing strong self-isolation guidelines in a bid to stop the spread of the virus. Self-isolation is a little different than a full quarantine since it’s not mandatory. But it is still isolation and spending too much time on your own can cause a lot of anxiety.

What Causes Anxiety during Quarantine?

The uncertainty that comes with pandemics can take its toll on anyone. The COVID 19 crisis is a very good example of how these global pandemics can cause havoc in the lives of people. In the US right now, over 160, 000 cases of this highly contagious virus have already been reported. There are millions of people right now sitting at home worried they may have been exposed without even knowing it.

The uncertain economic future is also a worry. The nationwide self-isolation directives issued by authorities have essentially stopped any type of economic activity in the country. Millions of people are increasingly getting worried, not knowing if they will be a job to go back to once the pandemic clears. Others are not even sure if they can survive through the lockdown without working. All these factors are anxiety triggers and it is important to know some of the things you can do to deal with this.

How to Deal With Quarantine Related Anxiety

Quarantine related anxiety is often short term and should go away once the quarantine is over. But try out the following tips to make the experience more bearable:

·       Try To Maintain a Normal Routine

Routines add consistency in the way we live our lives. Even though it may be hard to have some sort of routine when you are completely locked down at home, you ought to do your best to keep yourself busy during this period.

Routines don’t have to involve work. For example, you can wake up every day and just enjoy the morning sun from your backyard or apartment balcony. Try and also exercise as much as you can. Anything that gets your mind busy will go a long way.

·       Stay Informed

It’s also important to be well updated with everything that is happening around you. Unlike in the past, today we have technology that delivers news anywhere we are. Social media platforms, in particular, are a good source of regular updates about what’s going on out there. However, be very careful to avoid misinformation that has become so predominant on social media these days. Staying well informed helps to reduce uncertainty by a long shot.

·       Stay Positive

Staying positive during a pandemic is easier said than done, but you have to try. Every dark cloud always has a silver lining. Even during the depths of a global public health crisis, there are always things that may help restore hope and optimism in every one of us. However, positivity during a time of crisis is entirely dependent on the kind of information you are consuming. While you are encouraged to always follow the facts about what is going on, try to avoid depressing news.

·       Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

There is nothing more depressing than living in a chaotic environment for days. You will be spending a lot of time indoors in quarantine. You owe it to yourself to make that indoor environment as pleasurable as you can. In that case, tidy up the place, get rid of the clutter, and keep everything organized.

·       Enjoy Some Quality Time with Loved Ones

Human relationships are extremely vital. These relationships add meaning to our lives and they will be especially helpful when we are trying to get through any type of crisis. A quarantine would the perfect time to rekindle those family traditions that you used to do with your loved ones. Try and also plan fun indoor family activities.

Anxiety during quarantine is inevitable. You just need to find ways to deal with it. There is no knowing how long the COVID 19 virus will last. We may end up spending more time in self-isolation than expected. But with the simple tips above, it is possible to make quarantines more tolerable.    

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