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8 Ways to Prevent the Winter Blues

Winter is probably one of the worse seasons of the year. The bad weather affects so many facets of our lives. But the effects of winter go beyond the physical stuff. Winter may also cause psychological issues that can affect our mood. It’s not uncommon for people to feel depressed and down during winter. This condition is referred to as winter blues.

It is a seasonal mood disorder that hits people during winter. Serious cases of winter blues may lead to depression but sometimes the symptoms are less serious. Winter blues are characterized by several symptoms including oversleeping, weight gain, lethargy and laziness, low energy levels, anxiety, and erratic changes in mood. The good news is that you can avoid this condition and here are 8 simple ways that may help with this.

1.    Stay Active

It’s harder to stay active during winter because of the bad weather. But you have to try. You don’t even have to hit the gym for this or run your normal trail. Just living your life normally regardless of the weather can have immense positive impacts on your mental health during winter. But if you can exercise regularly, that will be even better.

2.    Stay Engaged

Understandably, there isn't a lot of stuff to do outdoors during winter but there is plenty of exciting and fun things to do inside the house. You can play board games with the rest of the family, catch up on your favorite TV shows, or even read an interesting book. The ultimate goal is to fill up your days with enjoyable activities that keep your mind busy all through winter.

3.    Treat Yourself

Just because its winter, it doesn’t mean life has to stop. Don’t let the bad weather dampen your ability to enjoy life and have a good time. Take some time off and treat yourself.  Whether it’s taking a weekend getaway or spending a day in the spa, these small activities will keep you in the right mood despite the cold and dark winter days.

4.    Get Some Good Company

Winter is not the best time to spend alone. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone to feel better. In that case, invite people over now and then or visit friends and family if you have to. Just make sure you are spending time around people you care about and everything will be okay.

5.    Start a Project

Winters are very long. That is just too much time to waste. Keep yourself busy doing several projects at home. Simple things like organizing the house and decluttering various rooms can keep you busy for long enough to avoid winter blues.

6.    Brighten Up Your Environment

The darkness of winter can be a mood killer for anyone. To deal with the issue, consider using bright lighting for every room. Sun lamps, in particular, will create the impression of natural light. Bright natural light has a way of making everything seem more vibrant and it will go a long way in preventing winter mood disorders.

7.    Go Out As Much As You Can

It’s also advisable to get out of the house more regularly during winter. It will be good for your mood and overall mental wellbeing. Even though most people prefer to spend most of the time indoors during the cold months, sometimes it can get boring and depressing staying in one single location for so long. Whether it’s going grocery shopping or going to work, getting out and changing the location will help a lot.

8.    Talk To An Expert

If for some reason you find yourself depressed and low during the winter, it is advisable to talk to an expert for help. Winter blues can affect anyone, even the most active people out there. But it’s a treatable condition and it shouldn’t take too long to get back to your normal self. Your doctor will also recommend a set of activities and remedies that will help you avoid this condition in the future.

Winter blues, scientifically known as Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD), is a common mood disorder that can affect anyone. The most important thing is to detect it early and seek assistance as soon as possible. You may also have better luck avoiding it using the simple tips above.

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